Meet the Team



Orthodontic Technician

I really enjoy getting to know each patient on a personal level: and learning about their lives, interests, and activities. Since orthodontic care happens over a couple of years, and we see patients regularly, we have plenty of time to build a personal relationship with each person. I’m involved with all aspects of patient care, from the beginning, until the day the finished smile is revealed. I love helping my friends achieve smiles that transform their lives!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters



Orthodontic Technician

I enjoy talking and laughing with our patients. We serve an amazing community, and each patient brings a lot of excitement and different experiences to our office. I assist with patient care from the day Dr. Kallis places the brackets, to the day we remove them. It is so rewarding to see the transformation in their smiles!

In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities on our farm with my husband and 2 children and fur babies! 



Treatment Coordinator

I like watching our patients grow and mature from the beginning to the end of treatment. We have great patients and I treasure the friendships that develop while they’re in our care. I meet with patients and families at their consultations. Following their time with Dr. Kallis, I review the proposed treatment plan and all care options, so they can make an informed decision. I also work with patients and parents to develop a customized payment plan that fits with each family’s budget.

I have lived in the Griffin area for 35 years and have two daughters. When I'm not wearing scrubs and discussing treatment options with patients, I am teaching fitness classes and enjoying time with my family and friends.



Financial and Insurance Coordinator

I am happy to be part of helping people achieve their goal of a healthy, beautiful smile! It’s amazing to see what a difference straight teeth and a becoming smile make in each patient’s life. Watching each person become happier, more confident, and more outgoing never gets old! I help patients and families with their insurance, to ensure they get the most from their benefits and filing and following up on the claims. I also handle the practice’s billing and accounts receivable.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two children, and my grandson. I also enjoy reading and working on projects with my husband. My favorite place to vacation? The beach!



Appointment Coordinator

I love seeing smiling patients coming through the doors. Each person is so excited to show us the progress they’re making and to share their latest news! Working at the front desk, I talk with each patient at every visit, so I’m able to watch their smile and personality transform as they achieve the smile they desire. I’m so happy for them! In addition to welcoming and checking patients in and out, I help families schedule appointments around their busy lives.

My favorite times, when I’m not working, are spent with my wonderful family. I’m happily married and have two children as well as five marvelous grandchildren.